Chalchiuhite Dragon, The


Ursula K. Le Guin groups Kenneth Morris with J.R.R. Tolkien and E.R. Eddison as one of the three “masters stylists” of the 20th century. Morris is the author who first brought Celtic mythology into the contemporary fantasy scene, but his work ranged throughout all the world’s mythologies as he retold powerful fantastic tales from the past in light and delicate prose.
Based on Aztec history and mythology and set long before the coming of the Spanish invaders, The Chalchiuhite Dragon recounts the rise of the greatest of all the philosopher kings of the Aztecs. Rich in wonderfully woven character and detail, this novel is a lost classic of fantasy fiction, on a par with The Book of Merlyn by T.H. White.

Kenneth Morris, who died in 1937, was a Welsh poet and writer who lived for thirty years in Point Loma, CA and was very active in Theosophy, writing for and editing many Theosophical publications. His books, The Fate of the Princess of Dyfed, Book of the Three Dragons, and The Secret Mountain and Other Stories helped set the tone for all the fantasy that followed.

Book I: Peace
1. In the Beginning
2. The Eve of Teotleco
3. The Arrival of the Gods
4. The Chalchiuhite Dragon
5. Eagle Mountain
6. Nopal in the North
7. The Master
8. Rainflower Reminiscences
9. Nopal’s Homecoming
10. A Funeral and After
11. The Feast of the Mountains
12. The Votaries and Tlalocan

13. A Huitznahuatec Market Day
14. The Toltec Ambassador
15. The Audience

16. The Ambassador of the Gods
17. Passing

Book II: The Road
1. The Hierarch of Teotihuacan
2. Ahuacatl Glade
3. The God of Puma Rock
4. Forest Voices
5. The Ib Quinames
6. On the Hill of Derision
7. The Ib Quinames’ Pilgrimage
8. The Republic of New Otompan
9. Yen Ranho Disappointed
10. Acamapitzin’s Plan

Book III: War
1. The Little Gods of Forgotten Plain
2. The Toltec Topiltzin Arrives
3. Exploration
4. Cohuanacotzin’s Adventure
5. The Hierarch Acquires Information
6. Cohuanacotzin’s Return
7. Nopal Returns

8. Nonohualcatl’s Anger
9. Road and Barrier
10. Civacoatzin’s Message
11. The Rocks Fall
12. The Tzo Family Reunited
13. A Place of Refuge
14. Quauhtli’s Journey
15. The Kings Meet
16. Nonohualcatl’s Debt
17. Teotleco–The Arrival of the God


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