Echoes of the Orient Vol. I (Revised Edition)

The Writings of William Quan Judge


A Tribute to William Q. Judge

No one ever tried less than he to gain from men that adherence which comes from impressive manner. I hardly thought what he was while he spoke; but on departing I found my heart, wiser than my brain, had given itself away to him, an inner exaltation lasting for months witnessed his power. It was in that memorable convention in London two years ago that I first glimpsed his real greatness. As he sat there quietly, one among many, not speaking a word, I was overcome by a sense of spiritual dilation, of unconquerable will about him, and that one figure with the grey head became all the room to me. Shall I not say the truth I think? Here was a hero out of the remote, antique, giant ages come among us, wearing but on the surface the vesture of our little day.

—AE (George W. Russell) Irish poet and essayist

Editorial. Aum! A Prophecy about Theosophy. Theosophical Symbolism. Another Theosophical Prophecy. Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path. Karma. Environment. A Year on the Path. Through the Gates of Gold. Considerations on Magic. The Second Year. Astral Intoxication. Mediumship. The Path of Action. Two Years on the Path. Give Us One Fact. Editorial. [Conversations on Occultism]. A Servant of the Masters. Culture of Concentration. The Three Planes of Human Life. Respecting Reincarnation. A Buddhist Doctrine. A German Mystic’s Teachings. Two Systems – of Lust and Sorrow. Is Heredity a Puzzle? The Dweller of the Threshold. Theosophic Diet. The Press and Occultism. Spiritual Gifts and their Attainment. Of Occult Powers and their Acquirement. Stray Memoranda. End of Our Third Year. Why the Theosophical Society Is Poor. Occultism for Barter. Universal Applications of Doctrine. Professor Max Müller on Buddhism. Cycles. Of Studying Thesophy. Our Sun and the True Sun. Is Karma Only Punishment? H.P. Blavatsky. The Allegorical Umbrella. The Path’s Fifth Year. The Headquarters at Adyar. The Sevenfold Division. Hypnotism – Mesmerism. Occultism: What Is It? One on the Signs of the Cycle. Much Reading, Little Thought. Remembering the Experiences of the Ego. True Progress. Practical Theosophy. Evolution. Two Lost Keys: Bhagavad-Gîtâ – Zodiac. Hit the Mark. Devachan. Prince Talleyrand – Cagliostro. Which is Vague, Theosophy or Science? Fifteen Years Ago. Shall We Teach Clairvoyance? Theosophy and the Theosophical Society. India a Storehouse for Us. Why Yoga Practice is Dangerous. How the Society is Run. Five Years Finished. H.P.B. – A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes.The Theosophical Society. Is Poverty Bad Karma? About “Spirit” Materializations. Are We Deserted? Argument for Reincarnation. Methods of Theosophical Work. Why Races Die Out. The Synthesis of Occult Science. Hypocrisy or Ignorance. The Impudence of Modern Philosophers. Dogmatism in Theosophy. An Hour in the Sanctum. Of “Metaphysical Healing”. Ireland. Another View of Metaphysical Healing. Six Years Gone. Affirmations and Denials. The Future and the Theosophical Society. About Killing Animals. Seven Steps Forward. Theosophical Symbols. Mesmerism and the Higher Self. Habitations of H.P.B. Misunderstood Editorial. How She Must Laugh. Plain Theosophical Traces. Thoughts on Karma. What Our Society Needs Most. The Cure of Diseases. Spiritualism Old and New. The Signs of This Cycle. Replanting Diseases for Future Use. Seventeen Years Ago and Now. Cities Under Cities. Prophecies by H.P. Blavatsky. Reincarnation in the Bible. Imagination and Occult Phenomena. A Commentary on the Gãyatri. The Adepts. Friends or Enemies in the Future. What the Masters Have Said. A Reminiscence. Correspondence. The Earth Chain of Globes. Seven Years Gone. Aphorisms on Karma. Devachan. The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts. Authorship of The Secret Doctrine. Spiritualism. Glamour. The Theosophical Society. Masters, Adepts, Teachers, and Disciples. Mars and Mercury. Cautions in Paragraphs. Regarding Islamism. The Adepts and Modern Science. How to Square the Teachings. Our Convictions. The Secret Doctrine and Physiology. Occult Arts. Two Spiritualistic Prophecies. Spiritualism: A “Spirit” Testifies. Disappearance of Ascetics at Will. Upanishads on Rebirth. Hypnotism. Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible. Direful Prophecies. The Letter to the Brahmans. Reincarnation of Animals. The Red Rãjputs. Christian Fathers on Reincarnation. Moon’s Mystery and Fate. Points of Agreement in All Religions. Nigamãgama Dharma Sabhã. Universal Brotherhood and Admission of Members. An Ancient Telephone. Proofs of the Hidden Self. Vast Works of the Past. Communications from “Spirits”. Would Universal Language Aid Universal Brotherhood? The Kali-Yuga. Will Masters’ Help Be Withdrawn in 1898 until 1975? Wrong Popular Notions. Theosophical Dont’s. Bogus Mahatma Messages. A Mahatma’s Message to Some Brahmans. The Truth about East and West. Comets. Advantages and Disadvantages in Life. The Theosophical Movement. Theosophy and Capital Punishment. Each Member a Center. Mechanical Theosophy. Claiming to be Jesus. The Screen of Time. How Should We Treat Others? The Screen of Time. H.P.B. Was Not Deserted by the Masters. Cycle Impression and Return and our Evolution.

A Weird Tale. Papyrus. A Curious Tale. The Serpent’s Blood. The Magic Screen of Time. The Wandering Eye. The Tell-Tale Picture Gallery. The Skin of the Earth. The Turn of the Wheel. Where the Rishis Were. The Persian Students’ Doctrine. The Coming of the Serpent.

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