Esoteric Tradition, The (Vol. 2)

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The Esoteric Tradition stretches back into the beginnings of time. It is that line of teaching and teachers, that golden thread of Truth, which has never been broken and which reaches mankind today through the Mystery-Schools of the present, as it did the men of ancient times through the Mystery-Schools of the past.

Helena P. Blavatsky herself pointed to the twentieth century as the time when at least the fundamental thoughts contained in The Secret Doctrine would be seen as comprising the principles of an Ancient Wisdom which far antedates the Vedas. This is the wonderful theme which G. de Purucker in these volumes explains and illustrates by lucid description of the doctrines of the archaic Wisdom-philosophy.

The grand scope of this work, covering the occult teachings concerning the birth and death of worlds and man’s relation to those worlds, and the method by which man can gain definite spiritual illumination, is revealed by the following selection of chapter headings: Worlds Visible and Invisible – How Man is Born and Reborn – The Evolutionary Pathway to the Gods – Esoteric Teachings on the Evolution of Human and Animal Beings – Death and Afterwards: A Study of Consciousness – The Astral Light and the Life-Atoms – The Circulations of the Cosmos – Great Sages and Their Place in the Cosmic Hierarchy – Pneumatology and Psychology: A Study of Man’s Inner Nature – The Esoteric Schools.

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