Gods Await, The

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Original edition 1926

SECTION I: Dogma versus the God in Man
– Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: The Herald of the God in Man
– The Curse of Dogma and Conventional Opinion
– The Worship of Cant and Catchwords
– The Dual Nature of Man
– Work out your own Salvation
– “The Love that Moves the Sun and the other Stars”
– Natives of Eternity
– The Inner Beauty

SECTION II: War versus Patriotism
– My First Contact with War
– War is a Proof of Weakness: To keep Peace is a Proof of Strength
– Patriotism, True and False 41
– A Secret Pernicious Propaganda
– Vistas of Peace and Nobler Peace
– Whom we should Protect: and against Whom
– The Beam that is in thine own Eye
– Narrowness of Mind is Responsible for War
– The Essential Divinity of Man
– We should Turn our Eyes toward the Dawn
– A Word on Vivisection
– The True Remedy

SECTION III: For the Downtrodden and Outcast
– My First Meeting with William Quan Judge
– Judge ye not that ye be not Judged
– The War between the Higher and the Lower Natures
– Heredity and Environment
– Capital Punishment
– Capital Punishment a Sin against Society
– Schools of Crime
– How to Help and how not to Help the Prisoners
– The Message of Theosophy to the Downtrodden and Outcast
– Crime begins in Childhood and in the Homes
– The Making of the Fallen Women
– The Chief Cause of Crime
– The Cure of Crime
– “Birth is not a Beginning: Death is not an End”

SECTION IV: The Philosophy of Nature
– My First Meeting with H. P. Blavatsky’s Teacher, at Darjiling
– “Though I take to myself the Wings of the Morning and Fly to the uttermost Parts of the Sea, behold, thou art there also!”
– The Eternal Alliance
– The Mighty Men of Old
– Impersonality of God and Man
– “In our Proper Motion we Ascend”
– Preparation for the Search for Truth
– Reincarnation the Explanation of Life
– The Doctrine of Sublime Hope
– The Purpose of Suffering

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