Om – The Secret of Ahbor Valley


Beautifully written, “OM” is charged with thought and full of exciting narratives
–Saturday Review
In Talbot Mundy’s OM we penetrate into the unknown country of the Ahbors in the high mountains fastnesses of northern India and Tibet for a tale of striking adventure and a theme of mystical significance. “Everything is weird and surprising,” commented the Manchester City News (Manchester, England) when the book was first published.
“The characters are fantastic and abnormal, wild to savagery, but in some cases preternaturally wise. The Lama, Tsiang Samdup, is a wonderful conception of the mystic, an Adept who has fathomed secrets far beyond human philosophy, and who pours forth a continual stream of occultism and wisdom.

“One of the most thrilling descriptions we have ever read is the chapter, ‘Under the Brahmaputra’–the volume would be worth reading if only to read it. But after all it is the ‘Middle Way’, the Way of Life’ which matters, and Mr. Mundy was here developed and idea of arresting power…
“Those who want philosophy and sensation combined, and a work of fiction entirely out of the common, may be safely commended to this work…Mr. Mundy had produced a literary and philosophical masterpiece.”

1. “Cottswold Ommony … Is No Man’s Fool”
2. Number One of the Secret Service
3. “What Is Fear?”
4. “I Am One Who Strives To Tread the Middle Way”
5. The House at the End of the Passage
6. “Missish-Anbun Is Mad”
7. “Sarcasm! I Wonder if That Ever Pays”
8. The Middle Way
9. “Gupta Rao”
10. Vasantasena

11. “All This in the Space of One Night”
12. “All Things End–Even Carriage Rides”
13. San-Fun-Ho
14. The Second Act
15. The Roll-Call by Night
16. “Where Are We?”
17. Diana Rehearses a Part
18. Diana Adopts Buskins
19. A Message from Miss Sanburn
20. Ommony Capitulates
21. The Lay of Alha
22. Darjiling

23. Tilgaun
24. Hannah Sanburn
25. The Compromise

26. Ahbor Valley Gate
27. Under the Brahmaputra
28. The Lama’s Home
29. The Lama’s Story
30. The Lama’s Story (Continued)
31. The Jade of Ahbor

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