Revisiting Visionary Utopia: Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland, 1897-1942


A collection of interesting texts and especially many photographs of the former International Headquarters of The Theosophical Society at Point Loma in the US. 

In its 250 pages much attention is paid to the members who worked in Point Loma during the leadership of Katherine Tingley and Gottfried de Purucker. Special attention is paid to the Rãja-Yoga School.

To see how these members worked can inspire Theosophists in our time in their work for humanity. For the time in Point Loma is not history; it is only an intermediate stop in the spiritual work that still continues. It has only been physically relocated.




Revisiting Visionary Utopia:

Katherine Tingley’s Lomaland 1897 – 1942

Part I

I Views of Lomaland

II The Aryan Temple (Temple of Peace) and the 

              Homestead/Academy Building

III The Temple Doors

IV H.P. Blavatsky

V W.Q. Judge

VI Katherine Westcott Tingley

VII Gottfried de Purucker

VIII School of Antiquity

IX Raja-Yoga School

X Staffan Kronberg and Letters of W. Emmett Small Jr.

XI Drama

XII Music

1. Daniël de Lange (1841 – 1918)

XIII Artists 

1. Grace Betts (1883 – 1978)

2. Maurice Braun (1877 – 1941)

3. Leonard Lester (1870 – 1952)

4. Marian Plummer Lester (1893 – 1991)

5. Reginald Machell (1854 – 1927)

6. Charles J. Ryan (1865 – 1949)

7. Edith White (1855 – 1946)

XIV L. Gordon Plummer (1904 – 1999) and Sacred 


XV Literature 

1. Kenneth Morris (1879 – 1937)

2. Talbot Mundy (1879 – 1940) The Masters, 1923 – 1926 

              By Brian Taves

3. W.Y. Evans-Wentz (1878 – 1965)

4. Osvald Sirén (1879 – 1966)

5. William Gates (1863 – 1940)

Part II: From the Archive

I. H.P. Blavatsky and H.T. Edge

II. Letters and Notes of W.Q. Judge

III. World’s Parliament of Religions, 1893

IV. E.E. Synge and Maja Synge 

1. E.E. Synge on Katherine Tingley

2. Maja Synge on Lomaland

V. From Letters of Katherine Tingley

VI. Notable Visitors at Lomaland   

VII. Katherine Tingley’s Work for Cuba

VIII. Katherine Tingley and Native American Relations

IX. Visingö Peace Congress (1913)

X. From Unpublished Material of G. de Purucker

XI. Swedish Community at Lomaland: Excerpts from Diary 

              of Gerda Berggren

XII. From the Diary of Judith Tyberg

XIII. From Letters of Steffan Kronberg

XIV. From the W.Y Evans-Wentz Collections

XV. From Autobiography of Boris de Zirkoff


Bibliography and Archival References 


The San Diego State University Special Collections Archive

Archival Resources

Additional Sources in the Lomaland Archive


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