Studies in Occult Philosophy


In the welter of literature today called mystical or occult, the serious student dreads the counterfeit. He wants to be certain that the book he selects is not merely half-accurate, half-truthful, but offers a whole philosophy that includes himself as well as the universe around him.

That wholeness is found in the ancient Wisdom-religion of mankind, and STUDIES IN OCCULT PHILOSOPHY is based on its fundamental teachings.
The work is largely an elucidation of meaningful passages in The Mahatma Letters and The Secret Doctrine. It gives both the mechanics and the philosophy behind the birth and evolution of man and his planet; the processes of life, death and rebirth, and the innumerable paradoxes of our own earth existence.
Dr. de Purucker emphasizes that all is one completeness; that to study component parts and forget the essential unity is to divorce sun from planets. In the ancient Wisdom-teaching, ethics, science, philosophy, art and religion – all are facets of Truth.

G. de Purucker was born in 1874 at Suffern, New York, son of a prominent Anglican minister who for some years served as chaplain of the American Church in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his early education there, in the Collège de Genève and, under private tutors, specialized in Hebrew, Latin and Greek in preparation for the ministry. However, subsequent study of Eastern philosophies, Sanskrit, and the writings of the early Church Fathers led him to the field of occultism with its broad comprehension of all religions, philosophies and sciences. Dr. de Purucker was head of the Theosophical Society from 1929 until his passing in 1942. Perhaps his greatest contribution to spiritual thought has been his elucidation of the writings of H.P. Blavatsky.

1. Transactions of the Headquarters Lodge
2. Studies in “The Secret Doctrine”
3. Studies in “The Mahatma Letters”
4. Longer Articles
5. Questions and Answers

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