Theosophy and Social Responsibility – Applying the Head and Heart Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky (ITC 2016)

Contributions Given at the Annual International Theosophy Conference, Santa Barbara, California, USA


The aim of the 2016 Conference was to explore the active connection between Theosophical teachings and social responsibility
Guided by the principles and metaphysical perspectives given in The Secret Doctrine and other writings of H.P. Blavatsky and those of her close co-workers, conference participants discussed how fundamental ethical questions reflected in contemporary social conditions might be answered
How might students of Theosophy understand and practice social responsibility? What thoughts and deeds might help us reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for all that lives?
Do the teachings of Theosophy, in particular the message of H.P. Blavatsky, indicate a duty to help others?
The program and location of the Conference, at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, provided an inspiring and regenerative opportunity for both formal and informal discussion in a community of Theosophical learning

Welcome from the Three ITC Presidents
Jan Nicholas Kind, Vice President
Herman C. Vermeulen, Vice President
Gene Jennings, President

Presentation of the Theme and the Program
Carolyn Dorrance

Plenary Dialogue on The Great Master’s Letter
Excerpts from the Great Master’s Letter
Facilitator: Gene Jennings

The Stanzas of Dzyan as Presented in The Secret Doctrine
Martin Leiderman

H.P.B. and Social Responsibility

Herman C. Vermeulen
Wesley Amerman
Leonie Van Gelder
Minor Lile

Approaching The Secret Doctrine
Martin Leiderman
Johanna Vermeulen-Piket
Pierre Wouters

Plenary Harvest: What Have We Learned Today?
Facilitator: Gerry Kiffe

Why Are We Our Brothers Keeper?
Carolyn Dorrance
Sieglinde Plocki
Domen Kocevar

Plenary Harvest: What Have We Learned and What Can We Do?
Facilitators: Marijn Gijsbers and April Hejka-Ekins

Gandhi on Theosophy, Modern Civilization and Social Reform
James Tepfer

Study Circle Readings
The Four Golden Links and Theosophical Duty
The Influence of Wise Beings
Sound, Speech and Creativity
Helping Nature with Reference

Transforming Alienation into Brotherhood
Deeper Dimensions to Justice
The Ascending Cycle

Impressions and Reflections
Socratic Dialogue Meets World Peace,
Kate Blalack

A Krotonian’s Look at ITC 2016,
Olga Omlin
ITC 2016 Impressions of a Moderator,
Jonathan Colbert

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