Theosophy: the Path of the Mystic

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Second edition, 1922

SECTION I: What is Theosophy?
– The Wisdom-Religion of the Ages
– The Mission of Theosophy
– Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

SECTION II: The Great Discovery: Man is not One, but Two
– The Duality of Man’s Nature
– Man’s Two Companions
– Reconstruction and Duty
– Self-Study and Self-Control
– The Higher and Lower Psychology

SECTION III: The Path of the Mystic
– The Light of the Divine
– The Open Doors of Silence
– Nature, the Mystic Mother

SECTION IV: Teacher and Student
– The Beaming Thought
– Your Spiritual Strength

SECTION V: The Heart-cry if the World
– The Vortex of Human Life
– The Day of Achievement is Here
– Foreshadowings
– The Cry of the Nations for Peace
– To My Brother in Prison
– Keynotes and Epigrams

SECTION VI: Woman and the Theosophic Home
– To the Awakening Woman
– Build Spiritual Altars in the Home
– Child and Mother

SECTION VII: Raja-Yoga Ideals and the Child
– The Cycle of the Children
– Education and the Heart-life of the Child
– Music is the Song of the Soul
– True Drama, the Soul’s Interpreter
– ‘The Little Philosophers’

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