Voice of the Soul, The

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Original edition, 1928

From the preface
I have just finished reading the proofs of Katherine Tingley’s latest book, The Voice of the Soul, and even more than all the others of the present Theosophical Teacher’s works, does this book impress me with its deep and tender pathos and its striking imagery of thought.
Good books are so rare; helpful ones rarer still; rarest of all, perhaps, are books like this one in which a truly sublime teaching is given without any pretense whatsoever towards a usage of those artificial and meretricious literary formulae which offend more often than they please.
Great thoughts need no artificial ornamentation. Jewels of the soul have their own inner fire, and sparkle with that divine light which springs from the inner fount of man’s spiritual being; and I think that this characteristic of unspoiled beauty is the noblest literary form, and I recognise that this, Katherine Tingley’s new book, has it.
We have here a literary work which requires no labored explanation: because its appeal, coming directly from the spirit-soul of the author, travels inwards directly to the spiritual soul of the reader; and there is instant cognition that what the writer says is truth.

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