Wind of the Spirit

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1st edition 1944


(…) A few words may be necessary about the contents of the book itself. The ‘Transactions of the Headquarters Lodge, ‘ which include The Secret Doctrine and The Mahatma Letters series, were talks given at the regular lodge study-evenings at International Headquarters. At these meetings Theosophical books were studied, the topic being presented by some speaker and followed by general discussion.

Then it was G. de P. ‘s custom to pick up the threads of the ideas brought up and to weave them into a coherent picture, correcting misconceptions of teaching, strengthening weak points of logic, explaining seeming contradiction or paradox. It was not his effort to give an exhaustive treatise on any subject, nor do the Compilers feel that this present collation presents the complete philosophy. Its value lies in the richness of hints thrown out, and as a record of what was actually for over a dozen years studied by the group at Headquarters. It likewise shows the wide range of theosophical doctrine with which G. de P. was conversant, his grasp of fundamentals and of details, as well as his manner of teaching, which was not labored or planned, but given extemporaneously and with no attempt to parade a finished style. (…)

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