Wisdom of the Heart, The


In Theosophy, the author declares, are solutions to all problems that vex the sober thinking mind. Theosophy provides a humane approach to the right treatment of the downtrodden and outcast of humanity and it offers real remedies for poverty, vice, and crime. It shows the fallacy of war for which the only cures are regeneration and the application of universal ideals. It proclaims that unbrotherliness is the insanity of our ages, that ethics are rooted in the universe, that we are responsible for our thoughts and actions and reap what we sow: that death has a beauty we can learn to understand, and that life after life brings needed renewal and opportunity to growth which can result in the realization of our highest hopes.

1. Nature the Mighty Mother

Beyond the Veil of Visible Things. A Knowledge Evoked from Within. The Mirror of Infinite Beauty
2. Recollections
On the Banks of the Merrimac. The Civil War. East Side New York. India and the Teacher’s Words. Egypt and the Tomb of the Pharaohs
3. Peace and the Fallacy of War
4.To the Student: Keynotes on the Path–1
First Thoughts Upon Waking. Practical Steps on the Way. Self-Directed Effort. The Middle Way. Last Thoughts Before Retiring
5. To the Student: Keynotes on the Path–2
The Sacredness of the Moment and the Day. The Beaming Thought. The Teacher’s Work
6. Why I Am a Theosophist
What is Theosophy? A Broader Conception of Deity. The Teaching of
Reincarnation–Another Change. Right Thoughts About Karma. Death and Rebirth
7. Basic Principles of True Education
The Perfect Balance of All the Faculties. Music–and the Harmony Within. Drama, Its Rightful Place. The Mystery-Drama
8. Foreshadowings
9. Invocation

Theosophy and Some of the Vital Problems of the Day

Letters from Egypt

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